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We want to help kickstart the economy and we believe getting your workforce back to work safely and efficiently is the first step. We’ve partnered up with industry leaders, WinWin International and Yaxxa to bring you a wide range of solutions to get your workforce up and running in this new reality. 
Our bespoke solutions are cost-effective with several financing options available, giving your employees peace of mind is now affordable and completely customisable.



Our auto-sanitisation bay is fully automated and perfect for retail stores or worksites to ensure customers and employees are kept safe. The bay dispenses the perfect amount of nonalcoholic based disinfectant ensuring tools and trolleys are clean, reducing the risk of spread of COVID-19. These booths can be rapidly deployed and fully automated allowing for smooth installation and little to no ongoing maintenance required.


Transparency Tools

Y-Trac is an innovative team monitoring tool that ensures transparency and performance among remote teams. Monitoring activity helps understand where your team needs additional support and creates responsibility among team members with transparent leader boards.

Communication & Training

Communicate your return to work strategy effectively through our world-class communication and training solutions. As we return to a new way of work, it’s crucial for each and every team member to understand how and why the way they work is changing. Create a safer environment through immersive health & safety training and ensure your workforce understands your back to work plan with communications strategies from WinWin International.

Smart Thermometers

Contactless Infrared
Smart Mobile Android Thermometer
H100 Smart Mobile

•   High-precision MEMS     

     infrared sensor

•   Environment/forehead

     temperature dynamic


•   Voice prompt function Two

     colour back-light

•   Red light highlights when

     the temperature exceeds

     the alert value

•   Supports both Fahrenheit

     and Celsius Auto Power off


H1200 UROVO Brochure  20200319-1.jpg

•   Supports Facial

     recognition, identity can

     be verified

•   Infrared temperature

     measuring output


•   Professional Scanning


•   Press and Scan. Quickly

     and effortlessly

•   Octa-core processor,

     Android 9 OS 5-7 inch

     High definition screen

Urovo DT50H.jpg

•   Face Recognition

•   Infrared Temperature   


•   Mask Testing 


•   Access & Attendance


All of our solutions are fully integrated through a powerful cloud solution. This means that every aspect of business can be monitored and analyzed, providing powerful insights into your organization.  
All organizations, regardless of sector or size can access these solutions through our various financing options. By making these solutions affordable and highly efficient we aim to kickstart the economy and empower the workforce to return to a safe working environment.

Fully Integrated & Cost-Effective

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