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Learning in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

On the job training has always been key in the employee's learner journey. We aim to empower the employee by bringing the classroom to the worksite with our powerful On The Job Learning Management System (LMS).

By using fully integrated IoT solutions, we create a connected environment in which the employee can thrive. From basic work safety to in-depth technical info, our LMS puts knowledge at the fingertips of your team through blended learning they can quickly access.

Not only does this allow for full transparency in your business but it ensures that employees will have the info they need, when they need it, ensuring safety, accuracy and efficiency.

Imagine this...

An overland conveyor belt that transports coal is fitted with IoT sensors to monitor the entire belt system including every idler. The system recognizes through big data that there is a defect in one of the idlers, typically this problem may have been identified by a driving or walking inspection which may have taken hours to identify if it was noticed at all.

Instead, the problem is immediately identified and the maintenance team notified. They’re provided with an assessment of the damage as well as an exact location. This allows the system to identify and deploy the closest maintenance team with the required replacement part and training on idler repairs.

The maintenance crew is also notified that it has been 6 months since their previous idler repair and they’re recommended to review a 2-minute training video on the installation process using 3D photogrammetry. The completion of training is recorded in the employee’s learner dashboard and allows for managers to assess their team’s knowledge levels.

GPS directs the technicians to the exact repair site where their IOT wearables instruct the crew to complete a machine lockout. Upon successfully installing the idler, the crew is able to upload before and after photos directly to the LMS as examples for future crews needing to perform a replacement and confirmation of repair completion.

This fully integrated solution means that the team can rapidly identify and respond to any problems as well as ensures the utmost safety and accuracy in their response.

This is no longer just a futurist dream but an achievable reality with BhekaDala Digital

Our partnership with WinWin International’s state of the art learning management system, IWIN. The affordable platform is able to integrate into your fully connected IoT solution and makes on the job learning efficient, trackable and empowering.

At BhekaDala we take pride in being thought leaders on 4IR technology transformation. Through our partnership with industry leaders in fully integrated IoT solutions, asset management and LMS integrations, we are a trusted partner to businesses throughout Africa and the Middle East.

Whether you have a project in mind or simply just want to learn more about the 4th industrial revolution, we invite you to connect with us to not only imagine the future, but to create it.

How do you think 4IR will change the way you train and onboard your workforce?

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