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Partnerships powering Industry 4.0

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Collaboration is at the heart of BhekaDala Digital and we believe at the heart of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We understand that while this revolution is heavily focused on transformative technology, that technology is rendered useless without people who are empowered to understand, implement and scale solutions.

In a recent study conducted by MIT-Deloitte, they found that 51% of Digitally Maturing Companies agreed that external partners were vital in digital innovation. It is this spirit of collaboration that drives BhekaDala’s partnerships with industry leaders to welcome in this exciting revolution throughout Africa & The Middle East.

We are well aware of the fact that we cannot be experts in every aspect of this fast-moving revolution and it’s why we are proud to have partnered with industry leaders to help make Industry 4.0 a reality.

We're proud partners with

As we work with clients to develop cost-effective solutions, we are able to turn to our partners to provide industry-specific expertise and efficiently move into new technology sectors.

By partnering with thought leaders in each industry of 4IR technology, BhekaDala is able to provide its clients with the technical expertise and tools needed to bring their project to life. In addition to these expertise, our partners allow for BhekaDala to be agile in responding to market demands by constantly looking to develop new partnerships in exciting new technology sectors such as AI, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation.

Each of our partners bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience in their respective sectors and have been carefully selected in pursuit of a common goal: empowering employees & organizations through innovative technology.

How we plan to support our partners

We understand that successful partnerships should be mutually beneficial and it's why BhekaDala ensures we support our partners by educating the marketing, facilitating new relationships and driving new business for our partners.

Educating The Market

One of our core focuses is to demystify 4IR and promoting the use of the technology to empower employees & organizations. We aim to educate the market on these new technologies through captivating video, blog posts and panel discussions with industry leaders which can be easily accessed for consumers and clients.

We hope that by fostering consumer education, we will, in turn, create new business opportunities for BhekaDala, it’s partners and the industry at large.

Facilitating New Relationships

Through our partner network, we are able to drive the spirit of collaboration and grow relationships within the industry. Connecting partners internally and externally, we provide a unique opportunity for them to network & collaborate in turn, dramatically increasing their service offering beyond their speciality.

Developing New Business

Through BhekaDala, we hope to be able to drive new business opportunities for our partners throughout the continent. We believe that through our aggregated networks we will be exposed to numerous new opportunities and be able to rely on our partnerships to fulfil our client's needs.


We’re excited to be on this journey of transformation with industry leaders and truly believe that through collaboration we will be able to empower employees and organizations to maximize their potential.

We're proud of our existing partnerships and excited to develop new partnerships with other sector leaders, if you believe your organization and its technology can assist in BhekaDala in its pursuit of employee empowerment, please reach out to us.

How does your organization use partnerships to drive innovation?

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