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Smart Cooling with Hot Returns

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Working with numerous FMCG clients through our partner company WinWin International, we have come to understand the importance of efficiency and complete transparency in this sector, especially when it comes to cooling. In South African alone, about 10 million tonnes of food is wasted each year with approximately 70% of that wastage happening in the food supply chain- the supply chain from farmers to consumers.

Living in a continent crippled by poverty and food shortages, seeing figures like this is heartbreaking and requires innovative solutions to not only reduce food waste but also reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately reduce overall costs.

It’s why we are so excited to bring to you fully integrated IoT solutions to monitor, track and report on your companies fridges and freezes wherever they might be. Working closely with our partner Activate Group, a leader in IoT technology, and their innovative Active Cool solution, means that fridge and freezer downtime and costs are significantly reduced, helping with the reduction of food wastage.

“The box that every retail giant wants to tick is the one that helps them bring down operational costs so they can stay in business while they battle poor customer spend. This is where IoT can really shake things up by providing the insights and control needed for the retail sector to compete more effectively in the local and global market.”- Rodney Taylor, CEO Activate Group

By fitting IoT connected sensors into fridge & freezer networks and integrating these with a powerful cloud solution, your organisation is empowered through complete transparency, allowing you to quickly identify any faults in your network of fridges and rapidly deploy solutions. These cost-effective solutions allow for

Real-Time Monitoring - Monitor every aspect of your fridge & freezers to ensure maximum efficiency.

Open Door Detection- Monitor run time of fridge & freezers quickly identifying any unusual activity.

Fridge run time - Monitor run time of fridge & freezers providing insight into user trend.

Location- Live GPS tracking of assets ensuring security.

These solutions allow for complete control, transparency and reduce the opportunity for human error. When integrating these fridge networks into a wider IoT solution to monitor and manage energy consumption,for example, the benefits exponentially increase, with one South African retailer reporting between a 12-17% reduction in electricity costs by using Activate Group’s energy monitoring solution.

Going Beyond Retail

The benefits of these solutions will not only impact the retail sector but will also have a significant impact on healthcare. With the current rise of COVID-19, cooling is becoming more important than ever before with a large need for innovative vaccine storage solutions. While we are optimistically 18 months away from developing a vaccine, once one is developed we face the second challenge- distribution.

Part of what makes this so difficult is to keep vaccines cool during transport and storage to ensure they are effective. The World Health Organization recommends that vaccines are stored between 2-8°C to maximize effectiveness, this is easy to do in first-world cities and almost impossible to do in remote developing countries.

Luckily with advancements in tracking and monitoring systems such as Active Cool, we can ensure temperatures remain constant and any issues are quickly resolved. But what happens when you don’t have a power source?

Well, that’s where a fascinating technology developed by SureChill comes into play. This disruptive technology allows for fridges to maintain a cool 4°C temperature for up to 30 days without electricity.

Here's How It All Works...

This means that vaccines can now be stored without the risk of freezing and allows for remote areas, which seemed impossible to reach to vaccinate, now being able to be included in vaccination schemes. Mali has already adopted SureChill fridges for its entire vaccine refrigeration program and many developing nations are piloting the technology.

While it is currently being used for medical vaccinations, there are numerous commercial opportunities for the product in the FMCG & Agriculture sectors as well as in Data Centers, which currently allocate about 40% of their costs to cooling. It’s exciting to see such important advancements in this technology and it is only going to become more exciting with new players & technology entering the market.


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