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Updated: Jun 11, 2020

In 2020 we have a unique opportunity to create the tomorrow we wish to see, a tomorrow which isn’t limited by people resources but empowered by them, a tomorrow where technology is not feared but embraced and a tomorrow in which we can all thrive.

Technology can be daunting, just 20 years ago the sound of dial-up internet, fax machines and paper cheques were the norm and yet today we live in a world engulfed by technology. A world in which technology advises us, protects us and empowers us to create the future we wish to see.

As we embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is not technology that will define our success but how we employ collaboration as the key enabler to realise your business transformation goals. It’s this notion of collaboration that is at the heart of BhekaDala Digital and we believe is at the heart of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Just as powerful IoT is useless without the right connectivity, so too is a business looking to transform without the right partner to guide them from idea to reality. At BhekaDala we focus on connecting organisations with ideas and experience in order to ignite future opportunities. It’s why BhekaDala is the trusted 4IR partner to businesses and cities throughout Africa & The Middle East.

Our unique approach is centered around your future business opportunities, with a specific focus on the relationship between technology and people. As Barbara Humpton, CEO of Siemens put it:

"In this digital transformation we are making, it's the people who make the difference"

And we couldn’t agree more.

We believe that without the right people and the right training, technology cannot be effective and it’s why our approach is people first. We’re focused on understanding your business and it’s people in order to guide your business through its technology transformation. To successfully do that, we believe that our solutions must be easy to understand, implement and show measurable results. We do so by helping you to

  • Understand 4IR technology and it’s uses

  • Discover how 4IR could impact your business

  • Demonstrate real outcomes and benefits

  • Implement and scale fully integrated solutions

By developing proof of concept projects, we empower our clients to imagine the future within a managed risk environment. By collaborating with our local industry-leading partners we able to efficiently deploy and scale your project into a fully integrated Business 4.0 solution.

While we are certain that the power of 4IR will quickly spread throughout every industry, we have identified the following core sectors we believe will be impacted drastically by business 4.0 and we are excited to work with them:

Whether you have a project in mind or simply just want to learn more about the 4th industrial revolution, we invite you to connect with us to not only imagine the future, but to create it.

How do you plan to shape the future?

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